We are a passionate, creative, and growing team of architects and engineers, where people work side by side in an interdisciplinary environment.

Engineering Group Architects (EGA) is a Kuwaiti architectural practice office based on local background combined with European know-how and architectural simplicity.

We aim to create an architecture to discovered, with spaces that are both intimate and open, shaped by natural light which changes during the day, activating emotions and sensations through materials qualities, inspiring people to live in.

We believe each project should be our interpretation about the identity and needs of the client, which gives a personal character to each design.

Simplicity is the highest luxury.

With their Stories, EGA team is proud to support, advise, and develop, personalized proposals for each Client, with both art and technique.


EGA intends to create and stimulate a community of different people, with different backgrounds, where the aim is a constant growth in the search for knowledge based on sharing, while responding to different challenges.

Join our team.

Emanuel Grave
Head Architect
Alba Duarte
Senior Architect
Klára Zugarová
Marta Gonçalves
Junior Architect
Bruno Justino
Senior Civil Engineer
Pedro Vaz
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Danah Khader
Business Manager